Cannabis XXL: How to get high yielding strains

cannabis high yielding strains

When speaking about Cannabis seeds we always think about their genetics, White Widow, Haze, AK 47, but what is cannabis genetics? How is a high yielding strain bred? To explain it in an introductory way, Cannabis genetics dictates the characteristics that the plant will have, such as size and growth time, but also its aroma … Read more

Flowering stage in Cannabis plants: a guide for beginners

Flowering Stage - A guide for beginners

Flowering stage in Cannabis plants: a guide for beginners In this article, you’ll find information about the Cannabis flowering, week by week, with photos and pictures. The flowering stage in Cannabis plants is the period when they grow their buds. After some weeks of vegetative growth, Cannabis plants will be able to flower when the … Read more

Determining the sex of your Cannabis plants

when can you tell if your plant is male or female

In this article, we’ll tell you how to identify male, female and hermaphrodite Cannabis plants and how to tell the difference. Table of contents Female Cannabis plant Male Cannabis plants Hermaphrodite Cannabis Plants Sexual reproduction in Marijuana plants (pollination) How to identify the sex of your cannabis plants (chart) First signs flowering stage: preflowers Conclusion … Read more

How to germinate Cannabis seeds: a guide for beginners

how to germinate cannabis seeds

In this article, you’ll learn to germinate Cannabis seeds in 3 easy steps. How to germinate seeds indoors step by step, what do you need to start, how to store your seeds and tips to get your seeds started! Cannabis seeds: Autoflowering vs Photoperiodic Cannabis seeds: Feminized vs regular seeds How to germinate Cannabis seeds … Read more

The Cannabis plant life cycle – Cannabis stages week by week

Cannabis plat life cycle stages

This article is about the Cannabis plant life cycle, divided into stages week by week. You’ll find information about what to expect from the plant’s growth at each stage, some of the plant’s basic needs and what to watch out for! Table of contents Storing your Cannabis seeds Cannabis seed germination (3 to 10 days) … Read more